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Preventing diarrhea


While you can always treat diarrhea with IMODIUM™, it’s better to prevent it altogether. There are several things you can do – in terms of your diet, lifestyle and well-being – to help avoid diarrhea in the first place.

Know your triggers

Your triggers might be certain foods, drinks or eating habits, or they might be stress, anxiety or nervousness. Keep an eye on your diet (write a food diary if you’re still trying to identify trigger foods) and keep stress at bay by doing regular exercise and making time to relax.

Keep your digestive system fit

Exercise is good for your digestion, so it’s useful to know that there’s something simple you can do to help avoid diarrhea. Exercise is a great stress buster too, which is doubly good news if stress and tension trigger an upset stomach for you.

Try a probiotic

Studies suggest that probiotics can help reinforce your digestive system and lower your chances of getting diarrhea, especially if you’re prone to it when taking medication. So next time you’re prescribed a course of antibiotics, take regular probiotics, which you can find in yogurt and other foods or take as food supplements.26

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