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What are you drinking?


It’s not only different foods that can trigger diarrhea. For some people, certain drinks can cause diarrhea or make symptoms worse. So, when looking at your diet for trigger foods, remember to note what you’re drinking too.

Sweetened drinks

Sodas, energy drinks and fruit juices all contain sugar that draws water into the intestine and can make diarrhea worse.

Diet drinks

Sugar-free drinks contain an artificial sweetener called sorbitol, which has been linked to causing diarrhea, in part because it’s poorly absorbed by the small intestine.7


The caffeine in coffee and tea, as well as many soft drinks, has been identified as a trigger for some people with digestive problems. If you love a hot drink, opt for herbal or green tea instead.24


It may come as bad news, but your favorite wine or spirit might be irritating your stomach. For some people, it could be the gas or wheat in certain beers, while for others the culprit is wine. Work out which drinks disagree with you and stay away from those. 

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Learn to spot trigger foods

By keeping a food diary, you can identify what triggers diarrhea.

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